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Vegan Testimonials
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Thanks Karin – you’ve been amazing, highly recommended to everyone for your fantastic contribution to this year’s festival, we have achieved unprecedented media coverage this year and that has been largely due to your most excellent services – thanks a billion.
Tim Barford – VegfestUK
When we launched the Veganuary campaign, Karin helped us get the message out there to the media, celebrities and contacts she had in the vegan movement. She is a bundle of energy, always super positive, full of ideas, and gets results.
Lisa Drummy, Director - Fry’s Vegetarian UK
We've been both amazed and humbled by the results that Karin has achieved for Vegan Business Tribe. Karin has got us into news outlets that we thought were beyond our reach, and has constantly been proactive in finding and suggesting opportunities and angles for raising our visibility that we'd never have thought of.

You get what you pay for in PR, and using someone like Karin with her decades of contacts and experience in the industry has proven that over and again for us. She hasn't just been our PR partner, she's become part of our team.
David Pannell, co-founder and presenter - Vegan Business Tribe
You could not ask for a more enthusiastic UK PR representative than Karin Ridgers. We have worked in the UK with Mad Promotions for our UK film premiere Kangaroo A Love-Hate Story. Karin has lots of contacts and is well versed in all aspects of animal/rights/ vegan promotion across the UK which has become the #1 vegan country in the world. A delight to work with Karin as she strives to get the best results for your project.
Kate McIntyre Clere - Second Nature Films
Mad Promotions have become an extension of VEGAN Happy Clothing and it shows in the PR that is delivered. Karin really took the time to understand our business and our goals and are really helping us get there, and fast!

Thank you so much Karin and Mad Promotions for everything you do. We didn't know the PR exposure you could bring us but we trusted you and that has hugely paid off for us. Thank you for continuing to deliver such incredible PR campaigns for us.
Lorri Delahunty, Founder - VEGAN Happy Clothing
Karin is fantastic to work with, she is so energetic and passionate about promoting Veggie products and really understands the market. Karin’s contacts and focused PR, was key in promoting Bute Island Foods dairy-free products and really made a difference to our press coverage.
Mark – Bute Island Foods Ltd
Working with Karin promoting Planet V has been a pleasure and a lot of fun too!  Karin is full of enthusiasm for everything vegan and there aren’t many people she doesn’t know in this area of business. Driven by her passion for being a voice for the animals, who desperately need our help, Karin puts everything into her business and is highly professional and reliable. I would absolutely work with Karin again, in fact I would look forward to it!
Jane Marshall – Planet V
I have worked with Karin for many years now. Karin is firstly an amazing person and someone i trust which for an business owner is very important.

Karin always gives 110% and goes above the call of duty every time. She has amazing contacts and resources which have helped build the Vegusto Brand in the UK over the last 4 years.Its a joy to work with Karin.
Mark Galvin, Director - Vegusto UK
We are working with Karin since quite some time and are very thankful for her support on the UK market. She is great to work with, full of ideas, activism and idealism. In every step we can feel she really loves our brand and goes every extra mile for it!
Céline Fuhrmann, Marketing - RINAGANA
Karin has been handling our PR for over two years. The team has nothing but full of praise of her. Brand promotion just come naturally for Karin. She is always full of ideas of how to generate publicity for us. Once the idea is approved, she would just get on with the task and deliver results. Communication with Karin has always been easy and clear. We all enjoy working with her and can not imagine how we can do without her.  
Raymond Lam, CEO - Vendula London
I worked with Karin for the first year of my new business. She was just fantastic, she secured many sponsorship opportunities and got the company a huge amount of press coverage. Integrity is at the heart of everything she does and she got to know everything about my business and which opportunities were right for us. I would highly recommend, great PR and a lovely woman to work with.
Beth Kates, Founder and Director - Liberty & love
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Karin. She is a ray of sunshine. She was the injection of positivity that both my business and I needed.
Chef Day Radley - The Vegan Chef School
Karin’s choice to only work with companies that she believes in comes through in her passion and energy.  You can’t ask for a better person to promote your products!
Richard Turner – Mood Foods
My business was very quiet until I met Karin using her P R service to relaunch my business and it went double after a few months. Mad Promotions not only deliver what they promised but over delivered with marketing our  brand and become a friend with ongoing support!
Lenny, Co founder - Vantra restaurant
Thanks Karin for all of your enthusiasm and energy in supporting and spreading the word of BoBo. Keep up the good work! We need more of you out there!
Alicia and Van - Bo Bo
Charity Testimonials
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Wetnose Animal Aid has known lovely Karin for 10 years, Karin has helped us for many years doing PR for us and visiting places for events. Karin is 100% dedicated to helping you with your media requests and PR work or organising events, she always keeps you updated, and goes far beyond to make sure you are happy and get the best service possible. Would never go anywhere else Karin is a hard worker and a dear friend, number one for all your PR work plus great ideas too.
Andrea Gamby-Boulger - Wetnose Animal Aid
Karin has helped us no end raising money, awareness and publicity. Her help is much appreciated!
Paula and Ernie, Founders - Hopefield Animal Sanctuary
I won’t lie I am not the easiest of clients to work with, yet Karin was amazing and handled me incredibly well.  She is motivating, inspiring and makes you feel you can achieve anything. After explaining what I really wanted to achieve regarding animal welfare, she knew exactly who to reach out too.

As a result of her, her contacts and her hard work on my behalf I had meetings with MP’s, spoken on more radio shows and my story has ended up in a book and in national magazines. This is all vital for the awareness I have wanted to create for cherry horse welfare.

I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.  Not just because she is good at her job and you get results, but because  she makes you a better person. Her passion and dedication is infectious and after a call with her your productivity will go through the roof.
Annie Connolly - charity founder, campaigner and influencer
Karin has an energy for life that fills the office when she comes in for meetings. Her positive energy, genuine interest in the work we do, and passion for taking forward things she believes in are a huge asset to any partnership.

Added value is her excellent knowledge of the local market, people and different angles to take our message out there, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to take their work out of their office into the wider world. She is lovely person, and smart – a great combination!
Jo Roberts, CEO - Wilderness Foundation
Karin is an absolute star – a campaigning dynmo!
Juliette Gellatley - Viva!
Karin has worked on several successful projects to promote the Dr Hadwen Trust, most notably our 35th anniversary Gala Dinner held at the Hilton Hotel, London.

The Gala Dinner required a great deal of organisation – selection of venue, getting celebrities to attend, promotion of ticket sales, including to supporters of the Trust, and seemingly endless further arrangements.

Karin also MC-ed the whole evening, which was a great success and for which we received many congratulations and accolades from attendees. It was a very notable achievement for Karin.

Karin has also produced and distributed a number of press releases for the Trust on a range of topics, since the Gala Dinner.

Further still, from her array of media contacts, she was able to engage the interest of the Sunday People who ran an article on a local animal sanctuary that was hugely in debt and about to go under. Together with other fundraising efforts, the sanctuary was saved, a feat in no small measure attributable to the £14,000 raised from the Sunday People article. Karin is very hard working and full of commitment and energy. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as someone who will give 110% to achieve a successful promotion.

I am also aware that Karin has experience of working for other charities and campaigning groups. She has also devoted considerable time and effort into creating a veggie TV station on the internet, a bold venture that has attracted considerable attention.
Terry Huxtable, CEO – Dr Hadwen Trust
Karin throws herself into each project with total passion and commitment – and she achieves great results.
Claudia Tarry - Animal Aid
If enthusiasm, determination, good humour and a refusal to give in are the elements necessary for success, you’ll do blindingly well.
Tony Wardell – Viva!
Authors, Presenter & Celebrity Testimonials
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Karin is like a fountain of sunshine and has such a deep passion for what she holds dear to her heart. Karin's infectious positivity shines a light and helps me stay on my path as a person and her client. She makes me feel as if she genuinely connects with me and my story, what I stand for. Karin's enthusiasm gives me hope that my work will be seen and heard by the world. I look forward to exploring where our journey will take us as a team and am very grateful that we have met. Karin is not just my PR but a caring friend and person who only wants the best for me. Karin let us reach the stars.
Britta Hochkeppel Author, Naturopath, Intuitive Healer and Holistic Therapist,  Founder of The TECT Technique & creator of her Aura Oracle Healing Cards
Karin helped me promote my book and disability awareness work, connecting me with radio and news outlets and national charity organisations and gaining me media coverage  - thanks Karin!
Jack Turley - Author
Karin is an absolute gem! She has gotten me many amazing gigs, including a three-page spread in the world's premier fitness magazine, a feat that I had previously thought impossible for little old me! Her effervescent personality is very infectious and she's truly a delight to be around. Karin, you have a friend for life!
Hench Herbivore – YouTube
Karin's energy is infectious! She will spend time with you really getting to grips with your business and what you want to achieve, she’ll pull out all the stops to make things happen and you’ll love the time you spend with her so much you won’t want the project to end. She’s so much fun and entirely professional!
Lynette Allen, Founder – Her Invitation
Karin Ridgers is everything you would want in a PR: enthusiastic, dedicated and, most importantly, available to contact at any time.   Karin worked ceaselessly to promote my book, ‘Only Fat People Skip Breakfast’ and my CD, ‘Talk Yourself Slim’ and I would recommend her most highly.
Lee Djanogly – Author and Coach
... And well done Karin who was like a little black clad bottle of bubbly.
Joanna Lumley OBE
It is a rare person who is both energetic and compassionate in equal measures. Karin is like that. She has been very creative in helping me promote my music CD, Apples and Oranges, in the U.K.
Bob Pyle – Singer
We can highly recommend the services of Mad Promotions under the auspices of Karin Ridgers.  Karin works hard and diligently for her clients with a cheerful, enthusiastic disposition.  She has a great personality and acts above and beyond the call of duty to get the best for them.

Ralph himself has known Karin for several years and has always found her most co-operative and friendly.  In addition to being a good public relations lady Karin is a fine actress too.

Mike has come to know her more recently and has similarly found her most hard working and affable.
Ralph Berkley and Mike Grant – Actors and Celebrity Doubles
I Love working with Karin she really understands where I am coming from, she gives more than 100% to help her clients achieve the promotion they want. I can’t thank her enough.
H Louise Ashley Poet, Artist and Author
Karin has been a real asset to us, promoting our work and smoothing the path ahead of us. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she breathes tremendous life and great energy into every project she does. Karin is a real creator, who makes things happen as if by magic, and it is no sooner said than done, she makes promotions and organising seem effortless.
Jason Liosatos Artist, Author and Presenter
Karin is wonderful. When working with her you really feel like you have someone on your side routing for you. She has great energy, enthusiasm and passion for all she does. It’s a pleasure working with her.
Juliette Bryant Presenter and Natural Foods Expert
If you entrust your professional future to Karin, expect to be pushed around! With the passion and enthusiasm that drives her, you will quickly find yourself at the heart of a series of interviews, podcasts, features in magazines...Available at any time, imaginative, she has the art of bringing you to the front of the stage, stepping aside with modesty. Beyond professional relationships, Karin is a person full of generosity and love for others. Simply a pleasure to work with her.
Danielle Maupertuis, Executive Chef, presenter and author
Karin has been a key enabler and facilitator in my business since 2012 and has become both a great business partner and friend; initially for a charity called K-9 Angels I cofounded and now building my vegan brand.

Karin’s passion, knowledge, connections and tenacity in the vegan/ethical world of PR without doubt makes her a top contender in her field.

This isn’t just a job for Karin. Every project she takes on is results driven and a 100% is given to build brand awareness. Karin’s friendly, upbeat and genuine personality is infectious and I always look forward to working with her again and again. If you are looking to build your vegan/ethical brand then Karin is your lady.

I cannot sing Karin’s praises enough!
Victoria Featherstone Pearce - model, writer, charity cofounder, winner of London Lifestyle Influencer of The Year
Mad promotions have acted as consultants for my company VBites. They are an excellent company and with Karin Ridgers at the helm I can see why. She has been a true professional and followed through with care and commitment with all we have requested of her. In addition she has created leads into industry media to benefit our company. I feel with their dedication any company would benefit greatly from working with their team.
Heather Mills - VBites
I absolutely adore working with Karin. Not only is she one of the greatest people I’ve ever met but she is a PR mastermind like no other! Since working with Karin I can’t believe what she has achieved for my business. She is a genius! I have been interviewed by over 15 radio stations including several BBC stations, I’ve opened events, appeared as a guest speaker at some of the largest shows in my industry and that’s before we even talk about how many times my face has smiled back at me from inside glossy magazines and newspapers!

If you are looking to raise your profile and get you and your business noticed I couldn’t recommend working with Karin highly enough!

She is one passionate and very connected lady – exactly what you need to take your business to the next level!
Rebecca Kane, Presenter & Author - raw foods expert
Karin is a fabulous person to work with who listens and provides a client centred service. Before working with Karin I was not very confident in wanting to be visible and she helped me see that I had a valuable message and cared about getting my message out in an authentic way.

She is enthusiastic and instinctive and has an amazing range of contacts which helped to promote my book on high profile Radio Stations and Magazines. Thank you Karin for giving me confidence and belief in myself and the message.
Dr Linda Mallory
Karin’s dedication, passion and professionalism make working with her an absolute joy.  She’s highly innovative and creative and very well connected.  I can highly recommend her.
Sue Stone, Secret Millionaire and author - Love Life, Live Life
I met Karin at an event and was immediately attracted to her warm personality. When I found out she had her own PR company, I just knew I had to work with her having recently published my own book. She was very passionate and full of enthusiasm about my book and worked hard to promote it on my behalf, exploiting her contacts to get me into several online and physical publications. She even had me as a guest on her own radio show! I highly recommend working with Karin – she knows her stuff, she’ll genuinely care about you and you’ll have a laugh along the way!
Sam Broadley, Author – I’m Your Man: Letters of The Worlds Most Ambitious Job Applicant.    
I worked with Karin Ridgers and MAD-Promotions for the launch of my album Jewel in the Lotus. I was absolutely delighted with the hard work she put into my project.

She achieved media exposure, networking and promotion beyond my wildest dreams.
Julian Franks, Musician
Health & Wellbeing Testimonials
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Thanks to our wonderful clients past and present for their super feedback.

We at Ankh Rah would like to thank you for all the wonderful work you have done for us.

We find your work is very punctual, you are not only honest but very reasonable, taking great pride in your work, which we feel is what gets you fantastic results.

You have definitely put the Ankh Rah brand in front of the right audience and we look to continue work with you. We think your work is 100% recommendable.
Charles and the team – Ankhrah
Karin has a wonderful creative energy and enthusiasm for her work and is a pleasure to work with.  She brought some wonderful PR opportunities my way, helping to promote my business and gain more recognition.  Thank you Karin for all your help.  Your are amazing!
Jackie Tyrrell –  Feng Shui Pathway
Karin has helped me gain a great deal of free publicity for my new brand of 100% organic and vegan skincare products. It’s not easy starting a company from scratch with very little money in the bank, so Karin is worth every penny as she always works tirelessly for me and uses her own wealth of connections to maximise results.

Thanks to her, my skincare brand has been mentioned and reviewed in many UK-wide magazines and because she always goes that extra mile, I am now working with a well known celebrity vegan who loves my products and is helping me to promote them in many other magazines and on the radio. Karin is more than just my PR Guru – she genuinely cares about helping me to succeed and is always there to offer support, encouragement and new ideas and I have no hesitation in highly recommending her to anyone who is serious about making their business a success.
Jackie Callow - EarthZest
Karin worked on a project for Water for Health and was a pleasure to work with. She was very professional in her approach combined with a friendly focused manner. Her interest in our subject area and passion to understand made all the difference. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a refreshingly different approach to getting the message out.
Roddy MacDonald – Water for Health Ltd
I’ve used Karin’s services several times, as they say, a repeat customer is a happy customer!  I’ve been very happy with what I’ve gained through Karin in terms of media coverage and increasing the profile of my business and my causes.  I’m also very happy with Karin’s pricing plans which means that small business like mine can benefit from professional media services.  Thank you.
Debbie De Boo Founder – Glamsticks  
Karin/ MAD Promotions throws real heart and passion into all the PR they do and is a shining example of what PR can really achieve with true values and ethics leading.
Deri James – The Secret Combination
It was such a pleasure working with Karin. Her bubbly, positive, and flexible approach makes everything easy. She communicated very clearly on exactly what projects she was working on for us and how they were progressing. And she delivered great results! We look forward to working with you again, Karin!
Kate Magic & Chris Wood - Raw Living
I found Karin to be a consummate professional in every way. From the time she invested in learning about the complexities of my business to the reports of actions taken at the end of each month. She is constantly on the look out for opportunities and got me my first live radio interview great fun
Alan Wilson Founder & author - Develop Your Child
Karin understood my product and what I wanted to achieve from the outset. We created likely candidates from her comprehensive database and had massive success in reaching interested journos.

I received upwards of 40 mentions as results of Karin’s hard work.  She was a pleasure to deal with and always cheerful and enthusiastic.
Caroline Wagstaff – BackBliss
When I met Karin, over a year ago, we instantly connected. Her professional work ethic made me trust her services, and it was her unwavering dedication to her clients and inspiring creativity that made her an invaluable asset to my business.

Since working with Karin my business profile has been raised exponentially, and I’ve been offered more business opportunities than ever before. Not only is Karin the best PR manager I’ve ever worked with, she is also a genuine and highly-valued friend.Working with Karin is like having a blast of wonderful ideas every second, sometimes even less than a second. We worked together on my PR for 10 months with wonderful and satisfying results.

She supported me like a friend and worked passionately for my cause. The best part for me was working with an ethical person who is also charitable.
Kim Wymer
It was great having Karin apart of our team! She really came through with some wonderful marketing ideas and opportunities and definitely helped spreading the word for our Health and Wellbeing exhibition. She has great contacts and definitely worth having on board for all future events we run.
Idit Ginsberg – Events Organiser  
I worked with Karin on a couple of projects to raise awareness of my raw chocolate brand when it first started up and also with my other business, Simply Soaps, to drive traffic to the website. I found Karin to be a buzz of ideas and creative energy, she was fabulous to work with.
Jim Jones Director – Simply soaps
Karin in second to none when its comes to PR. Her passion, enthusiasm and work ethic are unparalleled and she gets results!!

The time working together with Karin has been an absolute pleasure, she always goes the extra mile, is uncompromising in what she believes in and is someone we hold dear to our organisation. Thank you Karin!
Alistair Crooks – Wealth Angels Director
It is a pleasure working with Karin. Her sincerity, enthusiasm and professionalism really stand out. Her promotional and PR work for me resulted in several offers to write articles for magazines and a year later the offers are still coming in. This has really helped me to get recognition and exposure for my work. I cannot recommend her services highly enough and will continue to work with her.
Patricia Ferguson – Green Leaves Herbal Health
I have spent thousands of pounds with PR companies in the past promoting various ventures, none delivered really. Karin Ridgers however, has done the opposite. She exceeded my expectations and sincerely cared about my business, and me too. Do not go to another PR company. Work with Karin Ridgers, you will not be disappointed.
Anthony – Fitness Expert
Karin has made a fantastic difference to my business! Not only has she identified ideas and angles that will make the media listen to what my business has to say, but she has written great press releases and followed them up with huge enthusiasm that makes it a joy to work with her. I have had many new clients as a direct result of the work Karin has done for me. I thoroughly recommend working with Karin!
Peter Bernard – Business Coach
SME Testimonials
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We were a new Start-Up with a passion for our goal of 'Transforming Tofu'. We needed to get our product and our brand out there so we got in touch with Karin. Karin embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, high energy, and list of well-placed contacts. As a friendly and sociable member of the vegan community, Karin introduced us to many interesting and helpful people and enabled us to kick-start our journey in the world of vegan business. And she made it fun.
Adam Kittow - Tofuture
Karin Ridgers is a proactive PR professional. She is highly customer focused and works hard to generate media coverage for her clients. If you want to get media coverage for your brand, talk to Karin.
Nigel Temple, Founder and CEO - The Marketing Compass
The Essex Enquirer newspaper has worked with Karin Ridgers and MAD Promotions on various successful projects.

Karin raised the profile of the paper through networking with local business and community events throughout Essex. Not only did Karin investigate numerous suitable events she also co-coordinated with each event manager and managed the promotion each time. She built successful links throughout Essex and East London that will be utilised for years to come.

The Enquirer decided to host a charity gala ball of which Karin organised in aid of a children’s hospice and the Tsunami appeal. Karin researched into various venues, organised celebrity support and entertainment, as well as managing the promotion for the ball. The evening sold out and the feedback was extremely positive.

Karin also produced a newspaper supplement for healthy living and eating which has gained subscribers UK wide and continues to be an ongoing feature of the publication.

Our involvement with Karin and Mad Promotions has been nothing but successful and are more than pleased to continue working together.

I can only speak highly of Karin and feel any organisation or individual could not go far wrong in employing her services, her attention to detail and enthusiasm are second to none.
A. Diggory, Managing Director – The Enquirer Newspaper Series
I have been working with Karin of MAD promotions for nearly a year now. From the first time I spoke to Karin we clicked and I new that working with her would open new doors for me. She has helped me to do over 10 Radio interviews with various BBC Radio Stations, as well as on various magazines and newspapers.

I like karin’s approach of getting to know her clients and helping to bring out the best with her. She is not pushy, and allows you to only take on what you can. She is very understanding and professional.  With Karin you know where you stand from the start and end of a project.
Genny Jones, Life Coach – Genny Jones & Associates Ltd
Karin was recommended to me by a friend. When I first spoke to Karin, she seemed so enthusiastic and passionate about PR and launching my business. Karin helped me to plan an amazing launch event for my business in October 2008 and ever since we have worked very closely together in building a very successful business. Karin is a lovely person to work with, highly professional, and has amazing experience and contacts in the media that have definitely helped to grow and promote my business. I would highly recommend her.
Charlotte Nial, Managing Director – Cranwell House Skin & Beauty Clinic
Having worked with Karin at MAD Promotions for just a short time, our profile as a significant player in our industry locally has risen significantly. From radio interviews to our own regular ‘expert’ column in the regions premier property publication, the Quirk Deakin name is now quickly becoming recognised as one of the foremost estate agencies in the County. Thank you sincerely Karin and team.
Quirk Deakin Estate Agent
Karin and I met at a plant-based living exhibition in London where Karin was hosting several sessions throughout the day. Observing Karin’s energy, enthusiasm, professionalism but also her down to earth practical nature, I made a point of connecting with Karin there and then and we have worked very successfully together on the launch of Planet Arborist. Karin has done a fantastic job in helping to develop our sustainability focused B2B brand both in the UK and internationally. Karin has lots of ideas and connections into the plant-based world that run deep as a result of many years in the sector working with all types of business and initiatives. Karin gets to know her clients very well, has great attention to detail and enthusiastically collaborates to develop a strategy that works for her clients and their objectives. I certainly recommend Karin for those who want to be in the right place at the right time with the right message.
John Creaton, CEO - Planet Arborist
At a time when our new business really needed to be seen by the masses Karin really excelled at consistent media attention for our brand. A consummate professional and a thoroughly lovely person too, Karin comes very highly recommended.
Russell Quirk, Founder - Emoov
We have worked with Karin for two years now, and her energy and enthusiasm are second to none. We had not done much PR before and we needed vision and inspiration, which has been ably supplied by in Karin.  She is a joy to work with and I look forward to working with her in the future.  
Carol Barksfield – Full Spectrum Lighting Ltd
We have been working with Karin at MAD Promotions with our PR.

Our profile has been raised within the industry media as well as in the Essex media.
I am delighted that The Echo has run a few articles about my company, I have given 2 radio interviews, as well as gained publicity in The Enquirer and the East Anglian Daily Times. The media release was written to suit journalists and will be added to our website.
Karin suggested promoting our ‘Top Tips’ on a regular basis and we are connecting with editors as we would like to write for an Essex publication as well.
We are confident that the publicity will help us in this regard.
Via MAD Promotions other opportunities have been sent to us in connection with Women’s magazines and even TV programmes.
Karin is dedicated, trustworthy and honest and I would recommend her for PR work.
Andrea M. Rozario BA (Hons) CeLM Cert PFS Cert CII (MP)
Karin is an extremely likable person, and as well as being conscientious she has an incredibly caring approach to her work and her clients.  
I’ve learnt so much from her about PR and through her I have gained the confidence to go on the radio and talk about my work, and have the opportunity to be featured in a few publications, thus helping to raise the profile of my business.  

I know I couldn’t have achieved that all on my own.
Wendy Dashwood Quick – Resolution Coaching
When I first met Karin I was so impressed with her enthusiasm and passion that I instantly wanted to find out more about MAD Promotions.

After a meeting together where Karin found out more about my business I left everything in her capable hands.  Press releases were sent out on my behalf and then we waited.  This was the difficult time, as we all want instant results, but the wait was well worth it.  Karin has introduced my company to several publications and a radio station and the results have been 3 radio interviews, two publications and the possibility of a workshop at a road show.

I am delighted and the Image Practice is thrilled to recommend Karin to anyone who wants to be in the right publications to be seen.
Margaret Fleming – Fleming Marvellous
Karin is bubbly and committed, and her enthusiasm and hard work shows that she really cares about her clients.
Paula Gardner – Do Your Own PR